With God’s help, from the collected contributions of good people, the renovation of the monastery dormitory is proceeding quickly with the hard work of hardworking people.

Item #3

“These are our youngest restorers. Children from our region are collecting help for their monastery from all over the world.
The sisters were moved to tears. Blessed is our Serbia with such children.”

August 5, 2023

In a terrible and sudden fire that broke out in the morning hours, The dormitory of the Vraćevšnica Monastery burned down. Old women live in the dormitory, who were all taken out on time, but unfortunately left without any personal belongings. Fire brigades arrived from Gornji Milanovac, Čačak and Kragujevac. The fire was extinguished, but with irreparable damage to the building.

“To the townspeople whom God quickly called to help, may St. George himself pay. They worked as one, both male and female, the people came in a hurry to save their monastery. Only thanks to the unity of the people and the sisters, God had mercy and stopped the fire. The poor old women were just praying and crossing the fire with icons” – says one of the sisters.

Their lives and all their possessions were burnt in those rooms. Together with masons, they built The dormitory with their own hands in 1981.  And now, let them watch it burn when each of them is already well past 80 years old.

For those sisters who are younger, renewal is coming, and everyone who is able and is connected to their Church and the history of the Serbian people is asked to help as much as they can.

Abbess Xenia with all her sisters thanks and blesses

The dinar bill for helping the monastery after the fire is:

EUROBANK Direktna 150-17509-88

Halkbank 155-54452-02

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Dollar (USD):  4062 2459 0511 4326

Euro (EUR):  4062 2459 0520 9266

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