After the terrible fire in the Vraćevšnica monastery,  the day of St. George, gathered a large number of faithful and curious people to the monastery for service. All eyes were on the new dormatory, which rose from the ashes incredibly quickly, with the help and efforts of good people. Judging by its beauty, the renovated dormatory is as white as a swan. Judging by its functionality, it can be safely said that the new dormitory is incomparably better for the sisters than the old one.

After the Liturgy and prayers for God’s blessing on our region, lunch was served in the renovated dining room. The fathers of those who were present used to build the old dormatory, and now new contributors, a new generation of pious people, are sitting on the pride of their families. There is still work to be done, and the sisters hope that the hostel will be opened in August. May God bless and put it in the hearts of people to continue helping. Saint George’s blessing on all the people of faithful Šumadija. Amen.