Abbes A.

“Our Vraćevšnica monastery celebrated its holy day on Đurđić in 2022. The day when the name of Mati Ana was heard through the port from the balcony of the “Miloš’s konak”. Sitting and watching the program that preceded the opening of the memorial room, I believe that everyone present was aware that they were witnessing a great and long-awaited moment. From this day on, the sanctity of Mother Ana began to be publicly talked about, about the miracles that are used to whisper about the grave of the first “post-war” abbess of the monastery.

For every pain that visitors present to the sisters, they receive this advice:

“Go to Mati Anna’s grave!”

Many years have passed since 1975. Since the year when Abbes moved from this life. The increasingly frequent need for it called for its return to us. When we heard about her as young people, it was like listening to life stories of Saints, it seemed so far away and it seemed like you would not meet such a soul again in this time. Her sanctity belonged to the past and to retelling.

When, behold, the dust rose before our eyes, suddenly the door of time opened, and in that one day and breath we saw it clearly returning. The story begins, which always announces an important guest, creates a pleasant excitement and trepidation. We witnessed the beginning and the announcement. God grant that our Holy Mother will arise and visit us with her holy relics and stay with us until the end of the time!