During its long and rich history, many valuables have been collected in Vraćevšnica, most of which are related to the ruling family of Obrenović and preserved by the love and respect that the monks of this monastery nurtured towards Prince Miloš and his descendants. The suffering to which his mining endowment was exposed during the centuries of its long existence, especially the looting that followed the enemy incursions and destruction, blew up its valuables in different directions or led to their destruction. The suffering of the monastery library in the fire of 1920 certainly prevented the realization of the copying activity that took place in the scriptory in the monastic tower during the centuries of Turkish occupation, as evidenced by several manuscripts kept in the Holy Trinity Monastery in Pljevlja.

old monastery seals

parade sabre of obrenović family

pedestal of the cross from 1820 year

cross from 1872 year found nearby of monastery

The oldest southern konak dates from the time the monastery was founded, built as part of a wall with a dining room, kitchen and monastic cells on the first floor and open porches on the inside, facing the temple located in the center of the monastic settlement. Two more lodgings in the monastery gate, built by Prince Milos and Archimandrite Vicentije Krasojevic in the 19th century, are preserved in addition to demolition and renovation, they preserve the basic features of their original appearance. All three mentioned lodgings are still used in the monastery family for various purposes. After five centuries of changing monks, the care of Vraćevšnica, in the years before the Second World War, was taken over by nuns who devotedly and dedicatedly take care of all its values.

konak Vraćevšnica monastery

konak Vraćevšnica monastery

konak Vraćevšnica monastery

prince miloš obrenović

If it had been preserved by any chance, the gallery of portraits of famous people and historical compositions from Vraćevšnica would have been one of the oldest art collections in Serbia. Among the authors who painted for this monastery, there is Đura Jakšić, whose portrait of Prince Miloš has been preserved. In the treasury, exhibited in a modest museum display, there are several icons from the 19th century, engraved on a wooden support or on canvas, and among them one painted on both sides, the work of Pavle Čortanović.

St. Nikolas icon of Obrenović family

vraćevšnica monastery woodprint

Many personal belongings belonging to Archimandrite Melentije Pavlović, such as a wood-carved cross chained with silver over which the insurgents, led by Prince Miloš, took the oath in Takovo when they started the Second Serbian Uprising, a breast cross and a hierarch’s gift from Princess Ljubica and a silver censer from engraved with the name of Metropolitan Melentius.

wood-carved cross chained with silver over which the insurgents, took the oath in Takovo

silver putir from 1820 year

silver putir from 1823 year, a gift from prince Miloš obrenović

oriental carpet

In Vraćevšnica, parts of the furniture that belonged to the Obrenovićs have been preserved, including an iron bed with the monogram of Prince Miloš Obrenović, an oriental carpet and metal utensils used by Princess Ljubica while she was with the children in the monastery. A gilded mirror of Queen Natalija was purchased at an auction, as well as a salon ordered in Paris for the wedding of King Alexander and Queen Draga. There are also family photos, as well as the Obrenović family obituary and other valuable items, which are carefully cared for by the monastery sisterhood, preserving the memory of Prince Miloš and gratitude to the ruling dynasty for everything its representatives did for this mine sanctuary.


paterik from 1678 year